Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Frugal and Delicious Chicken Curry


                  I stopped by Wal-mart this morning on my way to work, and noticed a giant cart of reduced produce. Everything was priced right at $1.00 a bag. I grabbed a bag of cauliflower, three giant Spanish onions, green peppers, oranges, and some apples. Then I walked over to the meat section and noticed that there were three packs of bone-in chicken legs and thighs. So, as part of mission to prove that you can eat really well on a tiny budget, I headed away with a curry in mind.
            That evening, I put some ginger and garlic mixture in a pan with some butter. I buy these purees at the local Asian grocery. They make weeknight cooking just a smidge quicker. I put the chicken in until it was crispy brown, tossed in one of the onions, the cauliflower, and an .88 cent can of chick peas along with some chicken stock. I simmered it until the meat was soft and falling off the bone. I took away the bones, added some powdered coconut milk and served it over some jasmine rice. I'm sure I was breaking all kinds of curry rules, and I have no idea what kind of curry this turned out to be, but it was freaking delicious and really cheap.  

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