Monday, October 17, 2016


Tonight was delicious, light, and fresh. I made Beef Heart Anticucho, with this recipe, Angela made Pollo a la Brassa, and Lynn made Causa. I have to say, the beef heart tasted very much like any other cut of steak, except maybe it was a bit richer in taste? It is also so very inexpensive. I think it would be a great cut of meat for anyone on a budget. I would definitely sneak it into a nice stew and maybe not share that it was beef heart with the family. Ha! 

Angela's chicken had a really nice texture and flavour. I liked the thighs as opposed to the chicken breast, but I generally think they are a tastier piece of meat. 

Finally, Lynn's causa! What a fantastic tower of chicken salad and mashed potatoes! We used a hamburger press to make them. I wish I had a picture or a video of it, but essentially, we spread some potato in the mould, then chicken salad, then avocado, then more potato. I drizzled some President's Choice habanero-aioli over the top. I think a large cookie cutter might work and it was suggested in more than one recipe, but ti would have to be a very tall, very large cookie cutter. 

Lynn had these plates in the cupboard which I love! They are Villeroy and Boch "Acapulco" and were my great aunt's. So beautiful and I thought they were perfect for Peru. We also like to put something on tv to watch while we are cooking, and there was a great episode of one of Anthony Bourdain's shows on YouTube where he traveled to Peru. 

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